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bascompte lab
the architecture of biodiversity
Jordi gives a talk on Mutualistic Networks at the conference series Agora para la Ciencia, Residencia de Estudiantes, Madrid 28 April 2014.
Keynote talk at the European Conference on Complex Systems, Barcelona 16-20 September 2013.
Plenary talk at the International Conference on Complex Networks, Copenhagen, Denmark, 3-7 June 2013.
Seminar at the Centro de Biotecnología y Genómica de Plantas, Madrid, 5 April, 2013.
Jordi gives a talk at the Major Issues in Modern Biology seminar series, University of California, Davis, November 15, 2012.
Jordi gives the keynote talk at the Global Questions on Advanced Biology Meeting commemorating the centenary of the Catalonian Society of Biology. Barcelona, 12 July 2012.
Invited Speaker at From scientists to science policy for science. European Science Foundation 2011 Symposium, Strasbourg, France, November 23, 2011.
Plenary Speaker at Net-Works 2011. Complex Networks: Structure, Applications, and Related Topics, El Escorial, Spain, October 26-28, 2011.
Keynote Speaker at the 12th Congress of the European Ecological Federation, Avila, Spain, September 25-29, 2011.
Fapest Course on Ecological Networks, Brazil, September 16-24, 2011.
96th Annual Meeting of the Ecological Society of America, Austin, USA, August 10th, 2011.
Department of Biology, Univeristy of Copenhagen, Denmark, June 17, 2011.
Workshop on Mathematics and Life Sciences, University of Granda, Granada, Spain, June 6-8, 2011.
Center for Ecology and Evolution, University College, London, UK, May 18, 2011.
Instituto de Biología Molecular y Celular de Plantas, CSIC-Universidad Politécnica de Valencia, Valencia, Spain, May 6, 2011.
Invited Talk, Applications of Network Theory, Stockholm, Sweden, April 7-9, 2011.
Instituto de Bioquímica Vegetal y Fotosíntesis, CSIC-USE, Sevilla, Spain, April 1st, 2011.
Institute of Evolutionary Biology and Environmental Studies
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We combine mathematical models, simulations, and data set analysis to address fundamental and applied questions in ecology. Our approach is synthetic,  interdisciplinary, and eminently collaborative.

Our current major research interest focuses on networks of ecological interactions.  Our goal is twofold: to describe the structure of these networks, and to relate this structure to their persistence and coevolution [e.g., Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. USA 100 (2003): 9383-9387;  Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. USA 102 (2005): 5443-5447; Science 312 (2006): 431-433; Nature 448 (2007): 925-928].

A second major interest deals with the spatial dimension of population and community dynamics. For example, We have studied how the coexistence of competitors and natural enemies is enhanced by spatial heterogeneity arising from the interaction between local dynamics and short-range dispersal [e.g., Trends Ecol. Evol. 10 (1995): 361-366 ].

We use novel approximations derived from our basic research to attempt to answer unresolved questions in conservation biology. For example, how much habitat should be preserved, or how many patches are necessary for the persistence of a metapopulation [e.g., J. Anim. Ecol. 65 (1996): 465-473;  Am. Nat. 159 (2002): 128-137].